Bloot !

Sometimes ... For unexplainable reasons ... It's just really really hard to take a picture of these pieces !!! I mean ... The light's the same ... The camera's the same ... It just works or it doesn't ! Here's the absolute best shot I could get of today's tattoo session ! It's too bad cuz today's tattoo session deserved a hell of a better picture than this ! Oh well ! Next time !

We done and done did all of the scout crew + zombies on this epic example of being at a bad place at a bad time ! Next session in just over a month ... I get to do the zombie goat lord and finish finish the whole piece ! I better get good shots then !!

Here are some better shots of the last session !

More awesome soon !!!!!
Saty awesome !

1 comment:

Thorofasius said...

Freakin' awesome buddy!
Good shot, no good shot, still amazing!
Love the shady zombies!