In the Blue ...

Yep ... Been pretty damn busy down here !

As usual , I guess ... Work work work ... It's ok though , that is pretty much all I wanna do these days anyways ! So bring it on !!

Here's Ninja Kristine's first "multi hour" and "colour" piece ever , done yesterday ! And yes ... She's a real life Ninja for real !
Flowers in blue was the theme so ... Flowers in blue is what she got ! You know the drill >>>

Red/Black !

5 and a half hours later !

Almost done ... Well , roughly 2 hours left on this piece ! Check this flower blueness come together in about a month and then for some more of the same but different on the other arm !!

Beautiful blues !!

Also in the tattoo news of the week >>>>

-Hang on to your pants and run under a door frame or a table cuz buddy Eckel is on fire !!!! The G-Eckel , the vegan Jedi , the homie with the mix master power and the power to b b blog has been power blogging his days away like never before and he even has pictures and all !! Nothing's too good for us ! Go check it out !

-New tattoo rules should come together in the days to come as soon as I get a second to write them down !!

-And finally ... Some super secret spy news soon too !

Stay cool !


igl said...

nice blue one, i like it !!!

Anonymous said...

Pure awesomeness!

Nos said...

wicked tattoo.. looks real good..