Ladies and gentlemen ... The news of the day!

I have just finally received my transfer papers from SitCen (super secret spy H.Q.) ! And have been successfully officially transfered to the Far East ! Yep ... Mhm !

I'll be leaving Europe on the last week of January (2011) to settle down more permanently in Hong Kong . I had figured all this out earlier this year , while living there but needed to go trough the proper channels before posting it and making it all official and stuff ! So now you know !

1- The Conspiracy inc. will absolutely stay my beloved tattoo home ! I will absolutely be back in Copenhagen every year for a few months at a time and that's where you'll find me tat-working when in Europe !

2- There is now an Asian waiting list ! Anyone from wherever in the world can apply for it and it only has a handful of names on it so still pretty open !

3- The European waiting list will stay the same and I'm confident I can keep taking names off of it within the same timeline ! It is however approximately 3 years long none the less and I have already stopped taking new names for it a few months ago ! So as usual ... Any "one shot" piece can jump in line and get a spot quicker but anything bigger than that can't apply in Europe anymore ! I really try to do my best here and appreciate the interest so so much but the truth is ... I only have so much time for everyone !! I do plan on reopening it but not before it gets much thinner (a few years) !

4- Same (slightly modified) tattoo submission rules apply for both the European and Asian waiting lists !

5- The EPTB will keep on running ! The "Merch" is just gonna get way cheaper for you guys !

If you have any questions about anything ... pick@electricpick.com


Simon said...

Awesome dude! Picture me envious! But hey, just one more reason to come back to HK!

Martin said...

Dammit! I missed you in HK this summer by just a few weeks, and going back to Copenhagen in January, I'll miss you by maybe just a few days... Bad bad luck!

Understand your choice of HK though - I could settle here permanently as well!
Good luck!

Allen HK said...

Cool~~~ Missed you, Dude!!! That's great news for all HK Tattoo lovers, see you in 2011!!!!!!!

Michelle Hilden said...

Good for you! Bad for me :0(
It is nice to know people who make choices that make them happy, actually doing things instead of just talking about them.
Hopefully I get a chance to come see this city you speak so highly of

Flora Amalie said...


CoreyGirl said...

I am astounded at the lengths you will go to in order to avoid me! I am moving to DK in March of 2011. Once again, congrats on splitting before my arrival. Hmph.