Space Skank Continuum

And nothing but !

This here , last Monday's session was a finishing session indeed ! It's great to start stuff ... Just also really great to finish some once in a while !! An end to a piece started last year and a cover-up at it too ! We re-nipped and added and finished this sweet space half sleeve and it looks damn good let me tell ya !! Now now ... Don't get all excited ... I still don't do cover-ups ! This piece here was a trick cover-up !! But I'm still really happy of how it all turned out ! Check out PART 1 from way back and then PART 2 before I left for China !

Here's what it all looked like Monday night >>>>> Ultimate space robot controlling evil space chick bent on destruction from beyond !!

Awesome-o !!!! Another one in the bank !

And now ... The moment you've been waiting all day for ... The day's awesomeness ... Number 3 in my personal top 5 most forever bestest ever car chases of the cinema and beyond !!

The Seven-ups chase >>>>

ROCK !!!


igl said...

AaaaaaH+h ! Space, the final frontier ,... i love the moon in the backround ! the light is magic and it's a little bit of Draculas "Frankenrobot", who was the father of "Vespabot", the friend of "Wally Bird".
The female human is very nice 2 !

cheers !

Eric said...

don't forget the car chase in the blues brothers.....awesome.