The Force

G'day g'day to all !

Today I give you ... The certificate ! A "Jedi Knight" certificate none the less !
I drew this up a few weeks ago but didn't want to post it till the Jedi in question actually received it ! Now that the reception has been successfully accomplished ... Here's what you get (apart from an almost finished full "Half sleeve") when you last an inhumanly long time at a session with me ! An official certificate officially certifying it ! Congrats Jedi Luke !!!

Good times !!

Also in the day's news >>>>>>

-Firstly- Tattoo and calendar organizational updated rules to come asap !! Just can't find time to write all this down but am pretty sure I'll manage to find time tomorrow night - most probably !!

-Secondly- To all my Swedish friends and customers out there ... A sad day I must say !! I most regretfully and sincerely offer you my deepest and most serious and definitely most sincere condolences ! I mean it !! What happened last Sunday is a disgrace to all educated and well meaning people of Sweden and Europe ! I'm very sad , stunned but most importantly angry to realize that the tumor which is populist nationalist xenophobia which has taken hold of most European national institutions has infected the institution which governs your wonderful country as well ! I did not think this possible in Sweden !!! Did not see it coming at all ! If there is one place in our European Union that I could always depend on to give lessons of tolerance and more educated reasoning to the rest of us ... It has always been Sweden ! 20 seats is a hell of a lot of hate in one parliament ! A sad day indeed !

I hear your pain ! I of course still love you and will be there for you always !!
I have no fear that you will inevitably one day come to terms and manage to get rid of this horrible cancer !!

Get well soon !!

-And finally- ... Your classic car chase of the day !! Enjoy the raw awesome awesomeness !!

Yesterday's tattooings tomorrow !


ZAK said...

Congrats Jedi-Luke!

Flora Amalie said...

Jävla nationalister!
Fy Fan!

Sam said...

i want that certificate! Longest I've ever sat was 11 hours, I fall short!

simon said...

im doing my pain pushups now.. i have to be a certified jedi.

Ben Newman said...

That certificate is so badass! got to get me one of those...