Mong Kok dreams !

Dear Plog followers of the World Wide Webs ... Here's yesterday's tat-action tattoos doings , for your viewing pleasures !!!

First I'd like to say -"AWESOME!!" I finally got to tattoo one of my MK scenes of awesomeness !!! The first session of this piece happened yesterday and am totally stoked about the end result ... Coming soon (about 3 weeks from now) !!! With no further delay ... Here's what it all looked like !

Red for me / Black for Ben >>>>

And after 3 and a half hours of lines and black >>>>

Please forgive the bloody picture but for some reason , some pieces are super easy to take a shot of ... Others are almost impossible to shoot !!

Hope ya like ... I know I can't wait to fill this one in !!
More tadoings tomorrow ... Yep , absolutely !!!!

+ In other related news ....

It seems indeed , to be article season for me , lately ! After a sweet article about me in last March's Tätovier Magazine , I now apparently have a new sweet article in the latest issue of Tattoo Master (a UK trade publication from the fine people at Skin Deep) ! As if that wasn't enough ... I just finished answering questions for a new article about me again for Tattoo Fest , a Polish publication to come out some time soon too !! This last one , depending on how it gets edited , I'm happy to say , should have some very interesting new facts !! If you can read Polish , you might be able to read a more personal article !! After 3 requests in a row ... I felt obligated to ask for some less common questions ! Nothing wrong with wanting to know how I started in the busyness and who are my main inspirations but just wanted to see some new questions !!! I'm happy to say I got my wish !! So check 'em all out !!!! Most of these magazines don't have enough room in them to show all the pictures I sent their way so they should all have a bunch of different one's to check out !!!

Stay fresh !!! Stay awesome !!! And thanks so much for all the awesome support !!!

You guys is da shizzzzznit !!!!


art skull tattoo said...

Ouaip, j'avais des doutes a l'époque sur ton voyage en chine, mais la tu m'as bleuffer une fois de plus, bravo l'architecture de hong kong lui va comme un gant, you're definitivly the best !!!!

Simon said...

what a great tat .... jealouuuuusss