Bangkok Pit stop !

First of all ! Yeah ... Lots of book making lately ! I'll spare you the endless usual details but yeah ... That's my Ploglessness excuse !! Book making has taken all of my time ... ALL OF IT !! No doodle time , no photo time and no hang out time either (or at least very little) but I'm so close !!! So very close !!!

But yeah ... That's my story of the day ! Book Vs Everything else !!

However , to keep up with the last photo posting master plan and to give you guys something to look at ... Here's a short version of chapter two "Bangkok Pit Stop" from my last clandestine adventure from last month ! All of which is from one of LOMO's 200 slide film and yes , once again cross processed !!

From the main train station to Bangkok's Chinatown >>>>

I've got lot's more shots coming up , including the last batch I have just received from my film wizard , here in Hong Kong !! This last batch I happen to be very happy about !! 4 rolls dedicated to the deep deep jungle , all slide films but this time not cross processed !! That's right ... Developed as they were meant to be ... As positives !!!! Can't wait to Plog them up !! For all of you out there who'd rather see some tattooing over here ... Soon enough ... Soon enough !!!!!

Stay bright !

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