Shadows of Macau !

Aka Macau madness ... Aka the ultimate Macau collection ... Aka the one Macau photo Post to rule them all !

Thing is , I got a LOT of shots from my last trip , you see ! And a LOT of these shots are pretty damn awesome , if ya ask me ! Didn't really know how to post them , like all at once or sorted by location or even by film !! So ... After carefully checking my options , I've decided to post them in order ... But since I do have a lot of films , I'll post them by location/in chronological order - with a minimum selection of each film per location ! Keep in mind , however , that this is indeed a minimum selection and have not posted a LOT of awesome one's !! That's right ... Ok ... Good ! I'm glad we all agree !

So here's the first chapter , recap of last month's clandestine endeavour's analog photographic bounty !!

Chapter one >>>>> In the Shadows of Macau ! >>>>>Part uno !

Me and my HK spy partner , tailing our mark through the old alleys of the city !
KONICA-MINOLTA Chrome R100 / cross processed and most of which taken at pretty high speeds ! (top shot also)

Part zwei !

The old city is alive ... The trail almost got cool a few times but we managed to stick like glue to mr.X without ever getting noticed , from the gritty tight maze of side streets to the more glamourous center ... The Lisboas crossroads ! Until a pit stop at one of the most beautiful casinos in the world was in order !

LOMO's 200 slide film / cross processed and not too grainy to my surprise !

Part trois !

After half a day of martinis and bow ties at the Lisboa , a quick exit and a meeting with our local contact (Madame Li) back in the shadows of the island's streets ! The night usually shows Macau's true colours !
FUJI's PROVIA 400X / cross processed again and absolutely delightful !!!

Keep it fresh Plog followers of the interwebs !! Lots of book making these days ... Past , present and future !! so ... Not much doodlings as you might have noticed ! But rest assured ... A power week of tattooing action in the days to come !! That's right ... Mhmm !


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