Lovemore Christmas and the Chung King mansion crew !

Ladies and gentlemen ... I know , I know ... Am a bit late with the Ploggings but these last few days have been proper hectic !! True story ! Lots to do and not much time to do it all !! When lots of friends come over to hang out and get tattooed and you still have a lot of work to get done ... Well ... It doesn't leave you with a lot of time to Plog !!

However , just managed to find a bit of time for a bit of catching up !! Here's the last chapter in last week's tattoo sessions ... Aka last Thursday's tadoings !

My buddy Mix Master Craig (Pronounced Creygh for some weird reason) has been enjoying the sights , sounds and smells of Mong Kok and it's surrounding areas for the last week ! Not just to visit me ... But also to get a good session done ! 7 hours , to be precise !!! Damn these traveling folk know how to last !!!! I won't do the "Trooper" speech since Craig (Creygh) is no stranger to the said tittle ! But here's what his apocalyptic , man's doom , wasteland of pollution sleeve looked like when we was done !!! We re-nipped and continued and almost finished the bottom half !! Here's what it looks like >>>>>

That's right folks !!! That there is a real life reflection of our main victim's buddy , reaching out , seen through his cracked mask's glass !! The real deal !!

More stuff to come ... Until then , if you happen to be flying home from Hong Kong today ... Don't ask the driver to open the door ! Just a free bit of advice there !!

Stay classy !!!


Sam said...

haha thats how you're supposed to pronounce craig!

americans say 'creg' and thats so weird!

nice colours! :)

Monster Sid said...

oh man, dont tell me you live in chung king mansion ;)
i've been living on 13th floor haha, and had amazing messy view from my window!
cockrouches are just grate out there! ;]

Eckel said...

okay buddy,thats enough yumyum noodles for you!cant wait for the reunite in cph.

regards from the other side....of the globe.
take care buddy!