The saga continues !! Haven't had time to Post anything for the last few days but have been working lots , none the less !!! Here's part two of this Aussie tattoo weekend marathon !!

Buddy Archie asked for something heavy ! Something evil !! Something that just says DOOM to ya !!! So here it is ... Day two ... My version of what happens to accountants and tax collectors (specially the one's who work for the Danish Post office) when the clock strikes it's last hour !! Their very own judgement day ! "Time's up suckers !! Time to pay for your sins !!" With no jury , their souls get gambled away and used as chips at the eternally grim and darkest poker game the underworld knows ... The game never ends ... Death usually always wins !!

With no further delay >>>> Here we go ;
Red for me ... B B Black for Archie !

7 and a half hours later (that's right ... 30 minutes short of a "SUPER TROOPER" - These Aussies are machines , I tell ya !!!)

Stay tuned for "Archie's day two" tomorrow night ... At the same Plog time ... At the same Plog place !!! Until then ... I got 3 Aussies and my buddy Mix Master Craig in town and they aren't gonna get drunk by themselves !! Time for a session of "God's tears" I believe !!

Stay rockin' !!


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