Curse of the Swamp Woman!!

So yeah... I was supposed to go up to Beijing for a few days to hurt the locals but a few hours before my flight, I heard back that everyone up there had canceled (Choked, Flacked out)! So... Fuck it! I decided to stay home and cut my loses! But finding myself with a whole week completely open for interpretation... Turbo Drome being finished... I declared this week: DOODLE WEEK!!! To be able to just doodle for no particular purpose for a whole week is pretty much a dream come through!! SO here it is... I'll be doodling away the week (From last Wednesday to next) and will try to finish one A4 a day!

Curse of the Swamp Woman is the first one! Finished her last night and I think I love her!!!!!

So... Needless to say, since I need to cover my loses from this Beijing fiasco... Everything I come up with this week is up for grabs and I'll be giving slightly better deals on originals and prints until next Wednesday!!!


Original can be yours for 3000 HKD   -

One of 25, A4 prints for 400 HKD  -

No shipping fees until next Wednesday!!

Let me know if interested or just to give me your opinion about what you see popping up here in the next week!!

Ok back to doodle work!!
You guys rock!!


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