Doodle Week is Awesome!!!


Been doodling away the last few days for no reason other than doodling cool doodles and it totally rocks!! However my workload has cought up with me and after this last one I'm working on today, Doodle Week will sadly have to come to and end...

I hope you like these!! 

To cover my epic loses from my last Beijing fiasco, all of these need to go! So if you see one you like, don't hesitate to let me know!

All these (plus the one I'm working on today) are up for grabs either as:

-Originals for 3000 HKD a pop (about 380 US/290 EU/250 UK) 

-Hand signed and numbered, 1 of 25, giclée print for 400 HKD a pop (about 50 US/39 EU/30 UK)

And I'll be taking care of shipping costs for all orders until Wednesday night!!

Let me know what ya think!!


Here's what I came up so far in the last 5 days!! One more to go tonight!! Thanks to all yall for the interest and support!!!

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Unknown said...

Love the blog! Doodle week is a great idea. Feel free to check us out at https://www.facebook.com/JFAMTattoos