More Turbo Drome news...

Here's the new Hong Kong edition TD poster!! I hope you guys like this one!!!

You can get a giclee print of this sweet super poster at the CR web-shop in 3 different sizes!!!

We've also updated the latest and final printing calendar with all the TD dates you need to know on the CR web-site!! Go check it out!!

And here's a sneak peek at what I've been working on for the last 3 months... Just randomly selected 5 pages so you can have a rough idea of what this TD thing might look like!!!

More to come asap!!
I am planning a quick trip to Beijing next week so that means a few tattoos might appear here as soon as I'm back!!

Stay safe out there!!

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Uncle Allan said...

uhhhhhh sooo exciting!! What are they up to? What happens? Will theyy make it? do they really have 24 hours banking?