... True that!!

Here are the last run dates from the Hong Kong post office to guarantee a Red Box under your tree this year... I just picked the countries I ship the most Red Boxes to but please check the link bellow if you're not on the list! Also... All of these, -1 day to give us time to go to the postoffice!!

SINGAPORE : 10/12/12
JAPAN : 08/12/12
TAIWAN : 07/12/12

US : 07/12/12
CANADA : 04/12/12

GERMANY : 28/11/12
FRANCE : 05/12/12
UK : 29/11/12
NETHERLANDS : 04/12/12

SPAIN : 03/12/12
SWEDEN : 29/11/12
NORWAY : 06/12/12
DENMARK : 05/12/12               
SOUTH AFRICA : 04/12/12

MAKOKO : 14/12/12

Now I've been told that Red Boxes shipped after these dates might still make it and that these dates are the last ones the HK Post "guarantees" before christmas deliveries!!

Let us know!!!!

HK Postoffice Christmas 2012 Last Run Dates

Ok got to run... To the postoffice!!

Thanks to everyone who have/will order one of these!!!! So happy to read all your comments about them when you get them!! Thanks so much for the interest!!!!!!

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