News update!!!


Yup... Mhm... Been busy... let's just say that 100 doodles in 100 Red Boxes is a lot of doodles... I know myself by now and I know I tend to overwork and over-doodle many said doodles! So I knew this VIP Red Box mission of mine was going to be no different and instead of fighting it, I just decided to embrace it! However... That means a steady 2 weeks of 24/7 doodling! I'm not complaining about it but am asking people to understand the gigantic workload and to be patient!! I'm pumping out about 10 a day now and for practical reasons have decided to ship them all when they will all be done (early next week). The time we spend packing them is time I can't use to doodle them!

So yeah... VIP RED BOXES are all leaving next week (well ahead of any international "Last run dates" therefore securing everyone's VIP Red Box under the tree!!!)

Every other copies sold on the web-shop are shipped every few days! Expect 7 to 14 working days shipping time!!

And it's always nice to hear from you when you get them! Either to me or to Clandestine Republic, let us know what you think about it all!!!


I'd like to personally thank everyone who's getting my book!!! It's really awesome to see all these Red Boxes leave for the 4 corners of the world and I just know you'll be super stoked when you get them!!

Thanks for the support!! You guys ROCK!!!

Once again... Hong Kong Postoffice Christmas 2012 Last Run Dates


And finally... I just got 2 last minute cancelations in Berlin for mid February!! Anyone interested? Let me know at: pick@electricpick.com and we can start talking ideas/deposits and whatnot...

I'll do my best to blog as much as I can but I must warn you, the Plogging schedule is one of the last things I have time for right now!!

Ok got to go doodle some Red Boxes!!

You Rock!!!

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urban warrior said...

yeah dude, you so totally rock!!!!
I do have an idea for a new tattoo title. Over 12hours of non stop tattooing you gain the title of sith lord ;)