Well wadaya know...

So like yeah... Sorry for the recycling (this doodle from late 2009...) but got a lot on my plate these days with very little time for doodles!! I however found it to be most fitting for the occasion... Cake rocks and well... So do most of you!!!

Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are about to have an awesome time crossing into the future at some time tonight!!

2012 was outstanding for me for one reason... I managed this Red Box thing which means so much to me! An epic life accomplishment for me and well... Quite literally, impossible without you guys!! So... Thank you so much to all of you for all the interest and the support for my crazy projects of this last year and making 2012 an amazing year for me!!!

I promise many many new unbelievably epic and most full of awesome new projects for 2013 for me and for you!!!!!


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Anonymous said...

you should make that into a tattoo