I promise... 188-197


So like... A lot of news today!!!!

first of all I'd like to congratulate the thin majority of Americans for reelecting Mister Obama!! 

Doesn't concretely mean much to me personally except of course that the other choice was a pretty damn horrible one! And I do have a lot of American friends out there and I'm happy for them!!! Cuz when the economy's not going well, it seems like common sense to me to spend what little money you have trying to make it better as opposed to buying bombs to drop on other people!!

So what it means for me and the rest of the 7 billion people of the Earth is 80%to 90% less chances of being bombed by America in the next 4 years and well, thank you, we appreciate it!!

In other almost as globally amazing news... 

Today is, indeed, the official season finale of the incredible Red Box epic saga... Now it's obviously not the end of the story... But it is the end of the first season... The end of Red Box Wednesdays for a little while!! I really hope you've enjoyed the ride for these last 50 wednesdays in a row!!! I really hope you liked where this went!!!! And if you did, well then I really hope you're gonna get your very own copy of the first edition of this mega awesome epic saga's first part!!!!

Talking about the book... I just got a mail from the printer's saying they will be ready early!!! So yeah! Start making room in your bookshelf!!! The Real Red Box is almost here!!!!!! 

I'll put up more news about all this in the next few days... But for now... Here's the long anticipated season finale of the first season of the Red Box!!!!!!!

10 pages... It will sadly go a bit quicker than I would have hoped since there isn't that much dialogue but still some epic spreads!!!

I... I... I really hope you like this!!!

Please let me know!!!!

Ok... Here we go...

PAGE 188

PAGE 189

PAGE 190

PAGE 191


PAGE 194-195

PAGE 196-197



I... I... I'm speechless!! So emotional!!

Words fail me...

Let me know what you think!!!

Thanks for following!! You guys rock!!

Ok got to run... More ploggables in the next two days!!


art skull tattoo said...

Trying again to post this comment, just to say one word for your awesome work, never get disappointed, always surprising, just one word " BRAVO ! "

Uncle Allan said...


What a ride and what a season finale!!
Can't wait to see what happens to our two new friends next time!!

Pedro Rego said...

From portugal here, I've been following all you're work in the blog and offcourse the red box tale, and i really just want to congratullate you for all the astoneshing work. Thank u