Mort de rire.

O M G!! That was long I know I know!!!! No need to explain the madness of the last few days!! Let's just say it's been mad! But here I am with loads of awesomeness and part one of almost one month's worth of doings!! As usual I must remain evasive but since you all had to wait for soooo long with nothing but "filler" posts for like ever... Here's a little welcome back post for all you tattoo fiends out there!

Here's some stuff I done did a while ago you might have missed....

1- Mister Colt from Macau's clownfish mermaid and octopus friend! This is a piece we had started last year and after a long break got back into with some well deserved colour action... Here's what it looked liked after the second colour sitting, 1 more to go >>>

2- Mister Godwin's family strikes back! Here's another piece from earlier this year and a catch up post of what it looked like after the second colour session!! 1 more to go >>>

3- Here's a sweet, all healed up photo from a few months back when Mister Allen had dropped by to show us how good his space surfing chick looked all healed up and stuff!!

4- Another one you might have missed... Mister Godwin again with part 2 of his market analogies! This time when things don't go so well... Fiction, obviously!! Here's what it looked like after session one! One more to go >>>

More postings, more regularly, more awesome!!
Unbelievable news tomorrow too!!

Stay awesome out there!


Michelle Hilden said...

Yaaa tattoos, welcome back, don't stay away for that long EVER again!

Anonymous said...

Amazing work here,really nice style and vision!!!true inspiring!!!Best resgards from Portugal!!Anselmo Edgar,Surreal vision tattoo