In & out

Good morning from the old gweilo lands of the West!

After a full day of flying, I find myself in the French countryside for a few days! A little break for a week!

It's kinda nice and new for me to miss my Chinese home a bit but I am totally enjoying this other side of the world escape for a few days! An important wedding, family catch up, the best food the world can offer and lots of it and almost more importantly... 20 celsius with .05% humidity is feeling absolutely amazing!!!!!

I'll be here till middle of next week, taking it light before I make it back home to jump right back to my busy schedule of madness!

Did I mention it was 20 degrees with virtually no humidity??? I haven't seen a day bellow 28 with less than 80% humidity since January this year!!! This is absolutely awesome!!!

More adventure posts from the West asap!


Keiko Fox said...

Green with envy over your weather Mr! Enjoy it!!

Rich Phipson said...

bring me back a croissant!

art skull tattoo said...

May be an other genius post " how it all works ! ", good luck with your 20 degrees, see ya ...