Under the highway !

Not much to declare today , ladies and gentlemen !!

Locked myself in all day to paint and ... Well ... It doesn't always work ! So ... A big long day of not much to plog about today !! Perhaps more tomorrow , I hope !!

In other more productive news however , it looks like the new T├Ątowier Magazin (from Germany) has just dropped and it looks like there might be a sweet article on myself in it too !! Some of my latest pictures and lots of German words , written one after the other all over the pages , hopefully saying good things about me !

Pick it up if you've got access to such literature and let me know what it looks like !!

Plog ya tomorrow !! Until then , here's a question sent to me by Henrich Von Toplerfelt from Utrecht in the Netherlands :

Dear Electric .
What , in your opinion , would you say is the most awesomest winter olympic sport ever ?

Well thank you for the question , Henrich ! It is a very good one indeed ! However I would have to say none of the above since not only am I dreadfully not interested in the said event but also , to my personal knowledge , Winter Olympics aren't even real Olympics now are they !

As usual , please send any questions to : pick@electricpick.com and I'll be more than happy to answer them !

Later !


Jocelyn Tam said...

thats so cool matey!

nic said...

I got one word for your lack of creativity - SPORES ;P

Simon said...

ill check the mag out and will let you know if you need to activate the ninja robot bunnies or not!

Simon said...

oh by the way it usually it drops on the 28th :))

igl said...

i know nick, you´r more the >para- olympic< type, but to drink more than 3 pints of guinness is no sport yet !
should i save you a few of the upcoming issue of TM ?