To all my friends from Beijing to Hong Kong , through Shanghai , Seoul and Busan ... A very happy new year !!

To celebrate ... Here's a finished doodle (finally managed to finish one) ! Right now it's just a nice piece but it'll become much more than that in the days to come !! You just wait and see !! Don't know if I'll actually send this one to the gallery in Copenhagen or if it'll find a home here in HK but it's getting framed , that's for sure !!

Stay tuned for more finished doodles very very soon !!

Until then and once again , Happy new year !! If however , you are one of these people who happen to not actually be in Asia at the moment ... Here's a little something to help you get in the mood and celebrate !! Thank me later !!


nic said...

Damn... that piece would sure look sweet on my wall ;)

Unknown said...

HEy nic happy chinese new year!!! thanks for the sms the other day!! i been checkin out ur stuff and really really digging it!!! checked out the paiting at 1st cup and its awsome!!! wouldnt mind gettin somethin hongky on my body from u...gimme a burr when ya free so wecan see what ideas we have for this little fucked up body of mine...great stuff dude!!