Tourist day !

Back online !!

Today's a tourist day , you see ! My buddy Dr. Philt is in town from Montreal to come and visit me for a while and we is out to show him around town today !! After his near mental collapse epileptic seizure of overwhelming Mong Kok Culture-shockness last night ... We is gonna go on the other side and show him what the future looks like on the HK side of the harbour (just like Blade Runner without the flying cars) !!

So ... What this means for you is it'll most probably be another photo taking day today and you get a random doodle to look at , another sketchbook piece , that is not really related to anything but just there to feed your eyes !!

But , as usual , much more to come ... Specially now that I'm back online again !! Damn internet !! Worst than my coffee addiction , let me tell ya !!


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