More corners !!

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Got to love them rounded corner buildings !!

This is my quick version of a corner around Kwun Tong in east Kowloon ! The busy life ... Pretty much everywhere in this city !! It all goes quiet only for 2 or 3 days a year ... For the Chinese new year , which is now ! It's nice to take a quick break for a few days from all the hustle and bustle this city knows best ! But then again , that's why I'm here ... And today's day 3 and I'm hoping it gets back to normal tomorrow !!!

More soon !! And thanks for dropping me a few lines on this last piece !!!!

Take it light !


Unknown said...

Looks fuckin awsome man!!!

Unknown said...

Looks fuckin awsome man!!!

Eckel said...

man.round corners everywhere in kong hong.seems they are super clumsy,and therefore there are security corners everywhere.a safe place.now i know you going to come back in one piece!

take care buddy.

Ben Newman said...

you are so prolific! I don't know how you keep up the pace and still produce such awesome art!

ZAK said...

Stin Kee Ho, haha!
Keep it going buddy.