Hot stuff !!

Yep ! It's coming alright !! Summer is starting to creep up on this megalopolis ... Slowly ... Slowly ! But already , the air has doubled in thickness , the humidity is hard to believe ! The walls sweat and the alleys are starting to stink a bit more than usual !! "It's only the beginning" my friends tell me !! I've seen Summers in China before but never this far south !! Wish me luck , it sounds like the Summers here are pretty intense ! I now realize I've always been here in Hong Kong during Winter , the past few years !!

My new best friend , I fear , will have to be my ever so eco-non friendly AC !! Until raining season comes around during the real Summer !! I'm afraid there's a serious risk of me just melting !! That one day , this fine Summer , my doorman might come up to my flat , worried from not having had a "morning" afternoon chat with me for a few days , and might find nothing more than a puddle at my desk ! A puddle of me !!

Hoping of course that this is a worst case scenario , I'll still keep my fingers crossed !

Still working on merch and new paintings for the gallery !! But will be back on book making duties as soon as next week !! Yep ... The same damn book !!! It's the final round though so ... Good news about that should be Plogged very soon !!

Stay awesome !


igl said...

mmh, nice butt in blue pants !

Sam said...

thats what i was thinking too!