Collect them all !

Here ya go !!
A little extra piece of the same piece !! Now ... No more walls for a while !! Lots more work than one may think this wall painting busyness !! Specially working in about 200% humidity ! Paint takes ages to dry and keeps on leaking down !! Could of taken me 5 hours max , ended up taking 10 ! Oh well , now back to the drawing board and the sketchbook !!

Tomorrow's a super mega picture taking day so prepare to get a picture overload in the weeks to come !! But also , much doodles are to be finished soon too !!

Now ? ... Back to work !!


Ben Newman said...

Nice work man! Bet it looks even more amazing in person!

c.liu said...

Hey...Im coming to HK March 15 -29. Ill be staying in Tsim Sha Tsui. Let me know if we can kick it!

ps...I also sent you a letter to your email...

lsd said...

firt cup must be burning lad, that shits on fire!!! nice!!!