Good on ya , mate !

Mission accomplished ... The speech was delivered in a suit in front of about 200 people as promised !! Was pretty damn nervous and hot ( Nothing like being in an all black suit and tie and stuff when the mercury popped a +45c ) But after the 20th guy came to hug me in the bathroom afterwards to tell me how he'd loved my speech ... I started to calm down and maybe start accepting that I did ok !! So that's what happened yesterday ! What followed was about 12 pints of Guinness 6 Heinekens and a few shots and dry ounces of the ever so wonderful Makers mark magical bourbon ...

'twas an all around truly awesome party , guys !! Congrats to both of ya and glad yall liked the speech ! The very least of the worst and the very bestest of the better to ya !

Went in without the flash and came up with a few pretty blurry but really nice shots !! Here's one of my favourites !!

Will start the Tat-crunching on Monday and might have some doodles to Plog very soon too !! So stay tuned for that ! And am also slowly making my way through the e-mails from the 25th !! You guys are insane !!! I mean , I'm flattered but ... 78 e-mail requests is insane !!! Everyone should get an answer at the latest by tonight !! And ... Thank you all very much !! All your e-mails are super cool !! So ... Thanks a lot for the huge awesome feedback !!!

You guys rock !!


Flora Amalie said...

Congratulations to them and you, good to hear you didn't choke or faint or anything like that!!
Speaking as a gal here, i would maybe have liked some more shots of say, the dress, the hair (which looks awesome) or stuff like that.
Oh, well.
Have fun at work and tell Kate the dolls rock!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the journey Pick. was awesome to have you there. Till the next time we tip glasses and you bruise my skin