Seoul >>> Changwon ...

Got up real early ( jet lag ), Walked and metroed my way to the Seoul Central station ( which is HUGE ), took me a 5 hour train ride to Changwon and took a bunch of good shots on the way !! Not much nature but lots of super shanty sites ( I love it !! ). It's been 2 days now and I'm still the only whitey in sight ... I never really get used to that ... Although it's good for the head to be the visible minority once in a while !!

Here's a few shots from the train ride ... All the pics are raw/straight out of the box so forgive the ghetto dirty train windows and weird focuses ... In order top one leaving Seoul >>> bottom one arriving in Changwon !

Ahh ... The country side ... Changwon is supposedly a small country town ... That last picture shows what I was not expecting for a little country town site !! After the train ride, I was once again betrayed by the comparison of size on the map I remembered and the real city ... And after walking for an hour had to requisition the nicely offered ride from a flower delivery guy ( in exchange for COOKIES ... ) who saved me from an other hour of walking ! No joke ... Cookies !

So next time your in need in SKorea ... Make sure you got some chocolate chip cookies ... Or take a cab !!

PT-Going on 19 ...


Anonymous said...

thank you for those pics :)mountains & buildings! niiice
j'ai comme un oeil qui sourit

Anonymous said...

I have a cookie(factory)...But I'll never, NEVER I say, change it for anything. Hah!

You're so hot when you take pictures through korean trainwindows.

Almost PT-19 for moi too..