Raw squid and pizza !

... And many other things that can only be described by "Interesting" when locals stare at you smiling and waiting for you to say you love it !!

After a wedding , what better than to get kidnapped and taken to pious ancient buddhist temples and 5 star hotels !!! Funny trip , Beautiful sights and most challenging of all ... Coffee can still barely be found !!! Here's my best picture of the proof , safe keep and remembrance of the ancient civilizations that precede ours in this beautiful part of the world ...

And here's my last of the day , tonight , after getting back to "Bussan" ... The outstanding proof of today's civilization !

Honestly not much time to draw at all since I've landed but lot's of awesome ideas to spit out !!! Let's see if tomorrow I can find an hour or two to get some lines on paper before I explode of things to draw and therefor am never able to draw them ( having exploded ) !!

PT-Going on 16 !!!!!

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