Just landed in Seoul this morning after a mondo ride !! Don't ever change flights in China, by the way !!! If you ever have the choice to transfer somewhere else ... Do it !!

But I'm happy to be back here !!! I love it here in the real Asia !! It's weird being the only whitey in the hood but it's nice to get lost !! My first time in Korea and up to now I like it !!! Tomorrow I cross the country on a train ! Should get some nice pictures !

Hope you all had a good christmas ! Mine got delayed untill the 18th of January so I have to wait a bit more ! But it'll be a sweet one I believe !

Oh and this is my breakfast for tomorrow morning !!!! Yum !! The delights of exotic cuisine !!!!!
Off to bed ... Laterz !

PT-20 ( for me )

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Anonymous said...

I bet they're calling you "the French kid"...or maybe "the Canadian guy". I'd call you "Grandmaster Hot Masterplandeviser of the Interwebs Global Worlds of feelings, huggings and squeezings and sexyness and lots and lots of monkeyings Kid" if I was a Korean...Really.

18th of January happens to be my favourite date...