The R'DAM show...

So here we go for more... Yeah... You thought I might have quit by now? Not yet... Not yet...

Here's the very flexible vampire queen of... I don't know where... Just a flexible vampire chick!

Just realized now that most of my pictures look a bit weird from the last batch! But only on the blog... Weird!! Like there's a weird blueish tint to them... No? Anyways... You get the idea!

More asap!! Yup I got a lot to catch up on!

Hope you're enjoying my return to the blog!!

Might have some super cool doodles to show too after I tat-a-catch up and if I have time between two pages of Turbo Drome 2! Did you get number 1?? You should... It rocks!!

Ok gotto run!

Stay real!

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