Been foreveeeeeeeerrrrrrr...

How are ya? Well if you're reading this it's cuz you're still checking this blog from time to time. It's been quite the dead blog lately but I haven't given up on it yet!

In fact I am planning to one day soon revamp this part of the internets, squeeze all my blogs into one, fill it with a portfolio and all and make it the official ELECTRICPICK.COM!!

But one thing at a time, shall we... I've been away for so long cuz I just don't have the time!! Books are taking all my time! If you have one or two of them then you understand the amount of time required to put so much epicness into one book! If you don't have any yet, well, it's about time! They fuckin' rock!!

But regardless... It's been a lot of work and no time for anything else up to now! But as expected... With the Christmas orders slowing down for the year... I find myself with a few micro-seconds left and I decided to use them on the blog this time...

So while I'm working on Turbo Drome Part 2 this Christmas, I might actually be able to keep this blog a bit more interesting too!!

I'll start by catching you guys up with so much tattooing I haven't been able to post yet!!!

It all starts tomorrow and you should be able to expect at least one post every day or two until you're caught up!!

I hope all you guys are doing good out there!!!

Post you right back tomorrow!!!!

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Michelle Hilden said...

YAY! new post wuuhuuu