I'm back!! Back from China, back from Europe... Back from bloglessness... And I have a whole lot of those tattooings you've been deprived of for so long and sending me hate mails about... Yup... Well, nice hate mails... Not like "AAAAA I HATE YOU! I'M GONNA KILL YOU NO I'M SORRY JUST GIMME SOME FUCKIN' TATTOOS TO LOOK AT AAAAAAARGH I'LL KILL YOU!!!"  Nope... Nothing like that, rest assured. But I did get the sense of deprivation some of you might have felt after the 20th e-mail asking me when I would be posting again! Specifically tattoo pictures, I'm not that concerned with... But the fact that people are still interested in this corner, my little corner of the interwebnetworks, well... Is very flattering and I can't thank you enough for it!! So... First I'd like to say, Hi! I'm back with lots to show... 

   But today's not the day... Sadly I'm still mourning one of my idols, one of my true hero's tragic passing... I'm really having a hard time with this and am pretty damn bummed out about it! I won't go out in lengths about it... Totally could though, just so you know... But I'll save that huge chunk of text for another time! I'll just post my "Angry Hugo" I doodled last night... Stickin' it to the MAN like no-one else, anywhere else for longer than anyone else... 

Legends never die!!

   So if you happen to be on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum, that's cool, totally, just be respectful and keep it to yourself for the next few days! I'll truly appreciate it! If however you can't and have to voice your opinion, make damn sure you know what the facts are and what you're talking about because I do!

   Tomorrow I start posting, day to day, tat-a-matic action pics of aaaaaaaaall my last day's doings!! Be ready!!!


Ok enough with these ramblings already... Ciao all! You rock!! Post ya tomorrow!

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Michelle Hilden said...

YAY!!! Welcome back!!!