NOODLES IN SPACE - series of 6!

It's true… There are noodles in space!! Just trust me on that one… Yep!

So here's a new batch of brand spanking' new intergalactic noodles in space pieces I just finished last night! Here's the deal, you can look at them here… But you can also buy them!!!! That's absolutely right! You can buy them and own that shit!!!

Not exactly like back in 2010 but in a similar frame of mind, I decided to do a new batch of quick pieces for as cheap as I could! I don't know if you remember but in 2010 I did a batch called A DAY IN MONG KOK? Black & white, x4… Anyways… This noodles in space thing was supposed to be the same kind of idea except in colour! The only thing is that I completely overworked them and they look way better than I initially expected! So here's how I'll be doing it this year!

From today… What are we today? 27th of March yes! (yes I'm writing this as I'm thinking about it)… So yeah, For one week so 27 + 7 = 34… Until the 34th of March (also known as the 3rd of April)… These 6 sweet noodle munching space beauties will be up for grabs for 1G of the HK kind ($1000 HKD roughly gets you 100€/ 130US/ 120AU/ 80UK)…
On the 3rd of April at this very time (17:00 HK time/ GMT +8) they will be back up at their much more realer more normalest price of 2 G… Of the HK kind!

So yeah… If any of these hotties tickle your fancy, get one!

As usual: pick@electricpick.com


Keiko Fox said...

Oohhh! Hotties with noodles and awesome sauce!!! Wish I had a wall! Maybe one day!!!

jessferfun said...

soooo silky smooth. i want all of em!! but i guess i will settle for one. thanks!