The Nest -47

Hell yeah Red Box day!!!!

However, please forgive me but all I could manage this week was one page… So damn busy down here for the last week!!! With the new shop and all!!! I almost actually didn't make it! After a long day of tattooing till super late… I ran back home and managed this, I don't really know how! But I was thinking… Just like the button in the hatch… I don't know what would happen if I didn't make it but I just don't want to find out so… I'll just press the button!!! Here's your weekly page >>>>


Who are these people???

I maybe promise a bigger bigger update next wednesday!!

Check out the full story from scratch here!!!

And remember to check the last batch of noodle space girls, up for grabs just down here!!!

Ok got to run! Post ya asap!

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