Not gone yet!

Worry not!! I have not been kidnapped or abducted by beings from beyond with mental capabilities far superior to ours! Nope! Not yet at least!

Just overwhelmed by work, that's all!

Lots is going on down here, a lot of top secret shit that I can't really talk about! I hope you understand! Some of these mysterious doings should start starting to get done soon and I promise, I will share every very exciting detail with you all as soon as I can!

Until then... I'm afraid you'll have to deal with doodles and weird Photoshop doings as the one above!

Oh!!! How exciting!!!!!!

P.s. If you're in HK for the weekend go checkout the ARTHK! Ran through it all day yesterday and was happily surprised! I'm sorry to say for the hundreds of other artists exhibiting out there but... James Jean totally stole the show!! Yep!

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