End of the world anyone??

Euhm ... I don't know how to ask this but ... Are we the last ones alive or are there any of you still out there?? If you can get this message and have miraculously survived this last apocalypse, try to make your way to Hong Kong! We seem to have been relatively untouched by this end of the world! Amazing right!!!

Our bunker at the shop is full of food and water and we can take a few more people! We're just mostly bored right now having locked ourselves in the shop expecting the inevitable doom! So if you can make it to Hong Kong, in Causeway Bay, come on up and join our surviving party!! Mostly Xboxing !!!!

More news later!
Stay safe out there!


Uncle Allan said...

we are coming!!! We will fight our way there to your shelter....give us like a week and we will be there!!!

nic said...

Mong Kok seems to have missed/lucked out on the rapture too... still plenty of fish balls, gai dan jai, smelly tofu and mister softees floating around