The long way part 2

That's it that's all folks! I'm outta here!
The MV Grey Fox has docked and will be loading/unloading all night! I'll be boarding in the early hours of the morning and hopefully, if nothing delays us anymore, we'll be sailing away tomorrow night! Like I said before, I'll be out of reach from the world wide webs until (approx.) the 26th when I dock in Cape Town!

Until then ... Follow me "live" right HERE!

Here's the main master plan...
Part 2.1 >>>

Part 2.2 >>>

Take good care of civilization while I'm gone and wish me luck with the pirates, the mermaids and the sea zombies...



igl said...

Good Luck, and say hi to Captain Blackbeard ! arrrr

pandora89 said...

Good Luck! :)

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Hi. Im a friend of Allan and I saw your link from the Conspiracy Ink blog. Man, that's the way to travel, makes me mighty jealous man. I was in the merchant marine as Able Body Seaman for 10 years before I moved to Asia to do other stuff. The sea life is a worthy life hard to beat.

Hold Fast

Mattias Westfalk


Ben Newman said...

Sweeet! Can't wait to see the photos from your amazing journey!