Crazy !

Here's a shot of last Monday's session on Tony Vegas's sleeve !! Almost finished ... About one shot left !! We did some bling bling and some nifty cards for a few hours .... Lots of fun ! And yes ! For you people out there not familiar with Danish currency ... These are pretty much what 500 dkk bills look like !
Today however , I decided to spend all day on an evil space robot smashing crazy space ape half sleeve ! Awesome ! No pictures yet though ... Also realized that I opened April for bookings yesterday and that there are only two spots left ! I can remember at least 20 people asking me about them last week before I opened for booking !!! So .... Let me know before it's too late !

Laterz !

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Petri said...

First I thought that you did some japanese background on that first one! Luckily it was just part of the armor from one of the soldiers in Space Crusade. The part which is discussed in the manual (the yellow book naturally) at page 24, chapter 2, section 8.