Destructo ...

... The musical !!
Finally had a , long awaited , super day of sketching and doodling yesterday ! This one's one of the pieces I came up with ! I'm going to start refusing more and more illustration gigs for the rest of the year ... Just can't get them all done and stay healthy ! I don't know why I say yes to everything ... But I do ... Did ! So ... More of my stuff to be expected !

The update on the site is missing only a few things so ... Even though it's not officially done yet ... You should still go and check it out cuz since the last few weeks , I've been adding loads !! Tattoos , Illustrations , Comics .... So check it out !

Also just received a fresh copy of "SkinDeep" (English tattoo-zine) and got a chance to check out my new piece in there !! Awesome ! One of my favourite ones yet !! I got a 6 or 8 page interview in there and it looks good !!! Hurra !

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