Aha !!

Finally got around to get my 35 mm rolls from Hong Kong developed !!!! And I am once again overwhelmed by the awesomeness of film vs digital !!!! Out of 7 rolls of 36 shots , I would say , honestly , that at least 2 thirds are awesome and half are super awesome shots ! Mostly buildings and shanty sites , weird structures and disproportionate manufactured landscapes ... That's what I love to shoot I guess ... Every time I get some developed ... That's mostly what I end up with ! Here's a quick selection ... Enjoy if it's your kind of stuff !! More to come ... On the site and in some books too . You're most probably gonna see a whole lot of these in my future layouts and stuff !! I love em !!!!!!

Also ... Just got news from my Buddy Mr.Lawless ( real name ) and a very big project is starting to unfold ... After years of talking ... Some action is being planed !! Stay tuned for this collaboration !!!! Will post more as soon as I have something to show !!

Laterz !!

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Petri said...

I believe! Look's 10times better.