Enter... The TURBO DROME!!!

Hey what up??

Yeah yeah... I know... This Ploglessness is truly deplorable but I promise you I'm doing the best I can!! More tattoos should be posted in the days to come... Still not finished with these last ones from my last trip to China... Until then, here's one of the few reasons I haven't found time to Plog lately:

I've been mega busy planning my next epic book project!!! TURBO DROME!!!
Here's a little blurb from the CR web-site about it, 

TURBO DROME (No Way Out -part 1 of 2)

Set in a post apocalyptic Hong Kong, a minibus street-racing gang of 5 girls is forced to take on a local Triad syndicate in an epic, ultra violent and turbo charged race of madness. This first of two books, written and entirely hand painted by Electric Pick will set a new graphic standard for CR and promises to impress many.

Expect turbo charged car chases, road war machines from beyond, unstoppable Triad societies, wicked road gangs, explosive car crashes, ultra violent fights and even a few zombies.

Hong Kong will never be the same again.

Some technical facts:

48 fully painted, 25cm x 25cm (that's 10 by 10 inches) pages printed on rich and thick unquoted paper
Bound with a thick, matt finish Softcover.

Cover price: $20 US ($155 HK / €15 EU / £13 UK / $19.5 AU)

We're in the process of planning two different covers from two different artists for this project (EP + ??). We'll update you regularly with news, and sneak peeks but for now, if all goes well in the printing world, we're looking at a release date around the end of July and some sweet kicks and super VIP pre-order deals to be announced in early June. We're also aiming to have the second and final chapter (part 2) to come out not too long after this first one (hopefully before Christmas).

For more info about all this, check: clandestinerepublic.com

So yeah... I hope you're down with this new struggle of mine!! Dates are set and the work is being done everyday as we speak!!! I'll be posting loads of sneak peeks from the pages on my instagram and over here too!!!

Stay tuned for more news about this mega madness!!!!

And also... I'm still booking my next EURO-TOUR dates... Still got a few spots in Berlin (check the previous post)!! Let me know!!


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Mezzanine said...

Suuuuper duper excited for Turbo Drome!! Looks and sounds absolutely fantastic. Hot Chinese girls on motorcycles causing mayhem? Sign me up!