Factual facts... 106-109+a

Oh what a wonderful Wednesday awaits you!!!!

Yeah you bet! Kinda 5 pages for you today! 2 singles and a triple for this very special "educational" Red Box Wednesday!! The thing is I needed another die-cut in there somewhere and as much as I always thought this "HYDRA" should definitely be the next contraption to be opened up for your knowledge seeking minds... Well... I didn't think it was gonna be this big! I kinda over done it... But that's good too, sometimes! So yeah, here's the Red Box's first triple page (the last one down here) full of technical facts and factual explanations on how it is exactly that this wonderful device actually truly works!

So if your mum doesn't like it that you're reading this comic every Wednesday cuz she thinks it's the devil's work and that it's good for nothing and that a walking, talking potato sack is just silly ... Show her this here Red Box is full of essential knowledges and factual facts!!


PAGE 106

PAGE 107

PAGE 108-109-+a

Talk about a Red Box Wednesday full of factual facts and stuff!! Hope you all learned something today! More mesmerizing answers, more unbelievable situations and just more RB awesomeness next Wednesday!! Don't miss it!!

As usual check the whole thing from the start HERE!

And as usual... All these wonderful pages are for sale as beautiful GiclĂ©e prints! Limited to 100 each and hand signed and numbered (I think that triple page would look great under that lion's head over your fireplace) ! Buy more than one and you should even get an original RB doodle in there too! Yup! You bet!! 

Until then I'll be back on the daily doings posts asap... 

Take care out there!!


Keiko Fox said...

Ahh that die cut is amazing. I adore it. You are awesome!!! Triple page of freaking awesome. :)

Unknown said...

great blog:)loved going through!!!!:)awesome work!!