Nothing to declare

Well... Been writing all day ... Stuff and stuff ... Extremely boring ! Had to transfer some of my stuff on paper to the computer and well there's only one way to do that ! So I had been delaying it for ever but if I wanna keep my Friday deadline with the site update I had to do it sooner or later ... So basically no pictures or drawings today .

However ! The brand spanking new Tank girl comic from master Ashley Wood just hit the shelves ( at least here it just did ) and it is absolutely super !!!! Also , if you're in KBH you should go check out this cool gallery/workshop I found a week ago !! Its really nice and they have great stuff to show ! rumkammerat

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Anonymous said...

Thx a lot man. It was cool you came by...but remember; we are #1 hangout place for Canadians in Copenhagen;)

Take care and drop by any day, we always have a cop of mokka.

Best Rumkammerat Rune
...and by the way Wonderfull stuff you do!