Tsim Sha Tsui !

Enjoying it very much so indeed !! So glad to be here !! Ok ok ... I'll stop bragging now ! Here are a few shots from around the shop , in Kowloon !

Got to draw for a few hours at my "breakfast/cafe number 3" place today !! And that was pretty nice !! Been a while since I've been able to doodle mindless stupid stuff for hours !! Will be trying to take good enough shots of it for your ultimate viewing pleasure some time tomorrow !! And now , if you don't mind ... My number two favourite bar in the whole wide world ( Known universe only ) is waiting for me and my long missed HK homies !! I can here the endless pints of Guinness , the 2 inch steaks ( 5 cm metric ) from the finest cuts and the dixie jazz ... Oh ! All that dixie jazz !! Might manage a shot or two for ya !!

Later skaters and skatettes !

Enjoy your space !


chris said...

cool pics, enjoi

juju said...

i saw u photoshopping that "postcard pic"...."where'd that huge floating turd go?!
anyways, its nice seeing kowloooooon without 8000000 people pushing me down the road!
and no word of a lie (really this time) the (lets put drunk ppl off posting by making them type a bunch of automated letters thingy) this isnt working.....but it ends in TST! ahhh! too cool for school!