HHHaaaaattttt !! HHaaaaT stuff !

Landed safe and sound after a long ride !
A long ride indeed ! Have had much longer in the past but for some reason this one was harder !! Never the less , still in one piece !! Word of advice though , if you guys ever go to Australia one of these days ... Try to get a direct flight to where you're going in the said country with no changes once in there !!! The Australian administration is one of the few that are part of the axis of security-crazy border-paranoid countries ( U.s., U.k., North Korea ) !!! The endless queues for immigration punctuated with extra security searches ! Random officers will come and ask you why and what you're planning to do in Australia while you're queueing ( very comfortable ) ! Then there's quarantine ( where they confiscated my favourite "Super hottt chinese peanuts" that I love so ) with scanners and pat-searches and throw in an extra security search for the final !! All together 2 hours worth ... So barely made my connecting flight ... But made it in none the less !!

Forgive me these rantings ... I'll spare you the one about the weather !! I'll just say this ... +43c !!!!! Not cool !!

Everything is nice once you're in ( the country , past customs and indoors with air conditioning ) ! Nice to be back and can't wait for the weather to calm the fck down !!! ( Kaaam daaan ya kaaaant )

If I don't melt to bits ... I'll be posting ya later , from the land of Summer !!!!


princessinferno said...

Lucky, i wanna be there too!!!

Oh, and taking away peoples hard earned chinese peanuts? Not cool!

mr Nick Nick said...


(kaaam daaan ya kaaaant)

Been studying Australian and that´s an old spelling of "cool it or i´ll pop a cap in yo bitch ass weather!"

Now hurry back home so we can hang on the corner, whistle on girls and drink Guinness.