About Paris ...

... It's apparently been evacuated for some unknown reason !! Yep !! Some zombie pandemic or military experiment gone wrong ... Horribly wrong !! Or maybe even ... Worst !! Who knows ?? Maybe we'll never find out !! However , what I do know is that someone forgot pooch here !! And he's starting to freak-out about it too !!

Here's today's "almost 5 hours" of work !! We started the blue but then had to stop !! These things happen sometimes and ... Well ... It's totally fine !

More colour on this one in April !!

Now if you forgive me I gotta run !! Run run run ... That's all I've been doing for the last month !! One day left till I'm outta here !

Later !


Anonymous said...

i love that fence, great work dude

Emil said...

effin sweet dude!
great titter tatter!

//mean beankillingmachine