Running in HK #2 !!

Some more smoggy harbour shots from yesterday ( taken at 1pm ) !! Been thick lately but even the smog doesn't seem to make me love this place less !! Or even make my new buddy "the Fish Nugget" any less happy ! It's been good times up to now over here and apart from missing my darling very much , I have nothing to complain about !!! This city is still a magical place !!! More photos to prove it in the days to come !

Here's a shot from Miss Julia's leg that we almost managed to finish !!! What can go wrong with pink ?? Nothing , that's right !! A few hours more next year to finish this crazy commie monkey mayhem !!!!

And here's a shot of what happens at the end of the day !! Yes indeed !!! My second ever most favourite bar in the world !!!!

Take care out there my Plog reading buddies and yes ... The Guinness is wonderful everywhere !!


juju said...

WAAAAALL and WOOOOLL sound very different indeed. i hope you droooor some strooorberries soon.
pfff. insulted! hehe
and oh my god, i aint even remotely lying, but this time the stoopid word verifier woolamagoo thingy says "antitties" that could be a very boring website, unlike mole station nursery and pen island.....! PFFFFF!

nic said...

oh man... communist king kong climbing up the bank of china. jealous!

shame we never got to hang out this time. hopefully next time you're in town eh?

greetings from sunny bangkok!