Mao-mazing !!

... That's right ladies and gentlemen !! And I promise you nothing less !!

A sweet piece indeed !! The first finished this year and my Hong Kong done deed for 09 !! None other than the terrifying , the unstoppable , the ultimate doom bringing and chaos imposing contraption !! ... I give you Mecha-Mao-Zilla !!! A nice piece for the folio !!! Beware of his Mini-Mao-Missles and his fire breathing ways !!! The Mecha-Mao-Zilla hasn't met his capitalist match yet !!!

Yesterday's doings ... From 9 to 5 ( Pm to Am , that is ) With a few breaks to talk about which super hero was better than which other included !! We managed to finish this and bring Mr.Ross ( the new owner of the said Mao-marvel ) to his very last breath of tattoo-tolerance !! I also decided to give him the honourable and so sougth-after title of ... Trooper !!! For outstanding behaviour in the face of ultimate tattoo-pain !!!! Not the first one to get this wonderful title in China but none the less ... A proud new member of the club !!

Good job Ross !


Chi Sin Gweilo said...

Well worth the pain, I love it!
Im proud of the title of "Trooper"! Do I get a badge?

chris, pa,usa said...

i love this piece really cool idea, where do u comeup with this stuff?

Martin CPH said...

Shit... 8 hrs under the needle! You deserve not only a badge, but some sort of honorary medal-crown thingy! Awesome piece as well! congrats