Mong kok day out !

An other day in the magical "fragrant harbour" ( HK's official translation ) Here's a day's worth of pictures from hanging out in the global shopping mecca that is Mong Kok ( quarter ) ! It all happened a few days ago but thought one or two pictures should go up here when I last looked at them ... One or two pictures turned out to be a dozen so ... Here's a whole bunch of shots from that sweet day out !! I also realize that I can never resist and my lens always kind of tips up to the building facades and messy signs ! I absolutely love these dirty messy walls !! And the taller the better !! Hope ya like these shots too !!

Causeway bay >>>>> Sham Shui Po !

Market time !!
This shot was one of the quick "on the run" shots I just take without really looking ... Just stretch the arm , point and shoot ! And the colours are absolutely awesome !! Love this one a lot !!
This here is the magic of any Chinese city !! Gold I tell ya !!
This here is what one might find on a random floor of any random building off any random street !!! Plasticky things of all shape , size and colour imaginable !!!! I know , right !! There isin't enough shelf space in the world for all the crap I need to have !!!!!

From the heart of the ultimate city and till the next post , enjoy the day and stay classy out there , Plogboys and Ploggirls !

EP - Out !


igl said...

this town must be f**king supernatural.
next time i´ll join you !

Hello from Graz !

Uncle Allan said...

Ahhhh little Nick in the magic kingdom! Did you see any dragons yet? You have to look closly...behind the smog...There he hides...magical!!

I'll handle the box if it get here and thanks for all the fish..i mean books!! Love ya!

Miss ya buuuudddy!

princessinferno said...

Looks like you're having a great time, i wish we could pop by for a quick visit and hang with you there!

chris said...

great pics looks like a great time

nic said...

dude... next time you gotta stay with me for a night or two... right in the heart of mong kok. you need to shoot some of the amazing interiors of these buildings. and i'll get you up on the roof for some 'sniper' shots of temple street and the flower market!