The postcard shot !

From the harbour this morning !

Didn't even notice the junk at first ( Official name ) ... Was just taking a shot cuz it happens to be a beautiful day over here today and it just crept up on me ! Went in for the shot and Bam ! A postcard right there ! Here's an other shot ...

Don't wanna brag or anything but I just found the matching postcard in the stairway store we have down the way out of the shop and ... My shot's better !

Hah !

More news soon ! That's right ... Big news !!! Just want to make sure that this big news is for real and not a dirty trick pulled by the P.I.C. ( People in charge ) and as soon as it's all confirmed and stuff , you'll all be the first to know this amazing , almost impossible , awesome news !!!!!!

Tonight ?? ... The temple street night market ! Booya !


nic said...

hope you got to check out the fruit depot round the corner from temple street. old school hong kong as it's best... super photogenic!

Anonymous said...

wow don't seeboats that like too often, me anyways, awesome

Jesse Smith said...

Keep your fingers crossed:) Is your book gonna be ready??